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4 Ways To Solve Uneven Heating In Your Home

The cold months can be harsh due to the extremely low temperatures, making your interior unbearable. As such, a heating system is essential in blowing hot air to keep your house warm. Unfortunately, it can be disappointing to notice cold spots in your home, especially when your furnace is operating. Further, this may lead to uneven temperatures, creating an uncomfortable environment. Since uneven heat distribution increases your energy bills, you should hire a furnace repair technician to check the faulty components and fix them to restore even indoor comfort. Below are ways to solve uneven heating.

Clean or Change Air Filters

Furnace filters trap dirt, dust, pet dander, pollen, and other airborne particles to purify the air in circulation. However, filters may clog with pollutants and restrict airflow. This reduces the amount of air intake, causing the furnace to strain in drawing sufficient air for heating. Besides additional strain, clogged filters minimize airflow causing uneven heating in your home. Ultimately, your heating unit will not meet the average demand, leading to constant operation. Thus, you should clean or replace your filters for proper airflow.

Seal Leaky Ducts

Your ductwork directs heated air from the furnace to your home via vents. That said, ducts may deteriorate from constant temperature fluctuation and sustain holes and tears due to frequent expansion and contraction. Ultimately, this leads to air bleeding off into unconditioned spaces before it reaches its intended destination. When this happens, you may notice uneven heat distribution, with dust becoming more prevalent. Therefore, you must engage a heating expert to examine and patch your ducts. They will also clean and seal them, ensuring no obstructions in airflow.

Install a Zoning System

It can be counterproductive to close vents to reallocate air to needed areas. This is because such a move leads to a pressure imbalance in the furnace, causing the duct joints to disengage. Once this happens, you will experience uneven heating across your home, causing discomfort. Instead, you should install a zoning system to allow you better control of your heating system. Also, you can either open or close the dampers to regulate the rooms receiving heated air without compromising air distribution.

Keep Up with Your Home's Insulation

The insulation in your home prevents heat from escaping and keeping out cold air. Unfortunately, your insulation can degrade from corrosive vapors or mechanical damage, causing air leakages. Note that damaged insulation creates temperature variations throughout your home, hence uneven heating. Thus, you should ensure timely insulation repairs and minimize energy losses for optimal indoor comfort.

Uneven heating compromises indoor comfort and energy efficiency. Therefore, you should schedule routine tune-ups with a heating repair contractor to catch minor breakdowns earlier on and ensure peak performance.

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