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5 Airflow Problems That Need HVAC System Repair Services

Is your central air conditioning performing below par, giving off little or no conditioned air? You could be having an issue with the airflow. When one of the parts that draw in and push air is malfunctioning, this issue arises. Even with the HVAC activated, the air will have little to no pressure, leading to subpar air conditioning. HVAC repair services can help to fix several airflow issues in your system, including:

1. Issues with the Blower Motor and Fan

Several issues can arise from the unit responsible for pushing air:

  • The blower motor fails to start. This is usually due to a problem with the electrical connection or a blown fuse.
  • The blower motor runs continuously. This can be caused by a faulty switch or a blockage in the ductwork.
  • The blower motor only works intermittently. This is often due to a loose connection or a defective capacitor.
  • The blower motor makes noises. This usually indicates a problem with the bearings or an imbalanced fan blade.
  • The blower motor overheats. This can be caused by excessive dust buildup or a problem with the belt or pulley system.

An HVAC technician's first stop is this component, and they can diagnose any of these issues and repair them promptly.

2. Obstructed Registers and Vents

One common problem is the obstruction of registers and vents by items like furniture, electronics, or carpets. This problem is easy to diagnose because you will notice there's no conditioned air, and the vent or register will be hidden from sight.

3. Leakage or Clogging of Ducts

Duct leakage over time can result in a large decline in air pressure. Airflow is also hampered by debris hindrance. Your system may experience severe conditioned air loss as a result of these issues, which will lower performance and raise energy expenditures. To restore smooth circulation, HVAC system repair services can seal leaks and remove blockages from the ductwork.

4. Dirty Air Filters

Filters clogged with various dust and debris can prevent air from entering, which lowers system pressure. It is advised to change the filters on a regular basis. Additionally, it delivers higher-quality indoor air.

5. An Obstructed Condenser

The condenser is in charge of releasing heat from the refrigerant, and it depends on an uninterrupted airflow to achieve this. Obstructions caused by plants or big objects, such as cars, are a typical issue with outdoor condensers.

It's sometimes hard to note this problem, but you might hear the condenser working at a higher pitch. Fortunately, it's easy to resolve this by removing the obstruction.

A malfunctioning HVAC can make your home uncomfortable, not to mention the energy bills it racks up. However, these problems are fixable by a skilled technician. When you suspect a fault, call HVAC repair services to diagnose and fix these problems.

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