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Why Should You Have Your Air Ducts Sealed?

At first, the idea of having your air ducts sealed may seem a little strange. You probably suspect your ducts are working fine. They probably are, but sealing them could also offer you a few advantages that you don't fully appreciate until you experience them. Here are the key benefits that come with having your air ducts sealed.

You save energy.

Even the best-made air ducts have some cracks and crevices in them where two sections of duct work come together. And if your ducts are more than a few years old, those crevices could be substantial. Warmed or cooled air leaks out through the cracks rather than making it all the way into your rooms. Then, essentially, you are heating or cooling the wall space, which is a waste of energy. Sealing your ducts will keep additional air from seeping out through these cracks. This will save you money on energy.

Your air quality will improve.

Dirt and debris can make their way into your ducts through cracks and crevices, too. This will reduce the air quality in your home and potentially expose you to more allergens. Having the ducts sealed will mean fewer allergens make it into your ducts, which will mean your home stays cleaner overall. You may not need to dust and vacuum as often, and you may be able to take fewer allergy medications, too.

Your rooms will heat and cool more efficiently.

Do you feel like it takes some of your rooms forever to get warm or cold after you turn on the heat or air conditioning? This could be because there are bigger cracks or gaps in the ducts leading to those rooms. Sealing the ducts will eliminate these cracks, which means the air will flow into the vents in those rooms more readily. Your rooms should heat and cool more evenly after duct sealing.

Your furnace and AC won't work as hard.

Being able to cool the home more efficiently is better for your air conditioner and furnace. They won't have to run as much. Operating in a cleaner system is also good for your air conditioning and furnace; they accumulate less dirt. Therefore, having your ducts sealed is good for your HVAC equipment.

To learn more about duct sealing, contact a company that offers this service. It has a lot of benefits and works well for many homeowners. For more information on residential air duct sealing, contact a professional near you.

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