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Is It Time To Install A New AC In Your Home? Find Out

It can be devastating if your AC fails to deliver cool air on a sunny day. If the ACs performance reduces significantly despite frequent repairs, you should consider a replacement. As you anticipate hot weather, you must schedule an appointment with an AC expert. They will examine your system for defects, and if the cost of sustaining your unit outweighs the price of a new system, they will recommend a replacement. The following are signs your AC needs replacing.

Your AC Unit Is Old 

If your AC is acting up or not performing as it was, it could be aging. A tag on the cabinet's nameplate indicates every unit's lifespan. This tag has a manufacturer's date as a month and year. When your system exceeds this period, it will experience frequent repairs due to natural wear and tear. Moreover, it may necessitate replacements of core components that are obsolete and unavailable in the market. If you notice your AC unit is aging, you must engage an aircon specialist to replace it for optimized performance.

Your System Is Making Strange Noises

Although your AC appliance will make a sound when turning on, it should not be accompanied by squeals, rattling, and other noises of severe vibrations. Several sounds from your AC indicate component malfunction. For example, you will hear a hissing noise as the refrigerant leaks from its lines, while a squealing noise may indicate high-pressure build-up in the compressor. You should replace your AC unit if the underlying malfunction calls for expensive component replacement.

Your AC Is Blowing Warm Air

If your AC blows warm air from the vents, it could be due for replacement. Coolant leaks, compressor failure, and leaky ducts may contribute to your AC blowing warm air. Moreover, the airflow could be weak, resulting in poor air circulation in your home. Therefore, an AC contractor must diagnose your unit, and if repair is not viable, they will recommend a replacement for better airflow.

Your Energy Bills Are Increasing

If you notice your bills are higher than usual without correlating with increased use, your AC's efficiency could be compromised. This is because your unit will lose efficiency due to age-related deterioration, hence overworking the components to sustain sufficient cooling power. Therefore, you should contact an AC specialist to install a brand new unit with a high SEER rating to cut your energy costs.

You must understand the tell-tale signs that your AC needs replacement. Therefore, schedule an appointment for an AC system installation for improved comfort and performance in your home.

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