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Furnace Replacement: 5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Furnace

Many homeowners don't replace their furnaces until it's too late. Over time, replacing your furnace pays off because newer furnaces are more energy-efficient than older models. This means that you'll be spending less on energy bills.   

It can be difficult to determine the exact time to replace your furnace. However, there are common signs that suggest you need a furnace replacement. Below are some of the signs to look out for 

Your Furnace is Old    

Each furnace system has an expiration date. But it varies depending on how well you maintain your unit. Most old furnaces have energy efficiency problems and high maintenance costs. It makes it not worthwhile keeping them around.   

Frequent Repairs   

Furnace systems need regular maintenance to fix normal wear and tear problems and other minor issues. However, if your system requires constant repair, it's probably time to replace the unit. To determine if a furnace replacement is worth it, compare the repair bills to the cost of a new furnace. If the annual repair bills are half the price of buying a new system, it makes sense to replace the furnace.   

Strange Noises   

While your heating system may make squealing or screeching noises to suggest the blower needs adjustment, other strange noises like grinding may suggest you need to repair or replace the furnace. If your system makes weird noises like banging, grinding, or rattling, you need to call a technician to diagnose the problem. The technician will help you decide whether the unit requires adjustment, repair, or replacement.   

High Energy Bills   

A well-maintained furnace should be energy efficient. If you can't account for your heating system's high energy bills, probably your furnace is no longer energy efficient. A failing system may have to work extra hard to keep your home or office warm. This would translate to high energy consumption, which results in high energy bills. If your heating bill is becoming unmanageable, it's best to replace the furnace system.   

Your House Feels Unevenly Heated 

Your furnace should evenly heat all areas of your home. If you notice significant temperature differences in the rooms, you may need to replace the furnace. Uneven heat distribution can be a result of an old duct system, an oversized or undersized furnace unit. Whatever the cause, you should contact a technician to determine if the furnace needs replacement.  

Replacing your furnace improves your home comfort and saves you some money in the long run. Although most people know the benefits of replacing a furnace unit, choosing whether to repair or replace it can be confusing. It's best to call a professional furnace technician to help you decide if the furnace needs replacement.  

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