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4 Guidelines For The Best HVAC Maintenance

Regular maintenance keeps your HVAC system functioning all around the year. When your home has a functional and efficient unit, you'll have cool and comfortable indoor conditions in the summer and enough warmth in the winter. 

But to enjoy the convenience of a well-functioning HVAC system, you need to follow up on proper maintenance. So here are four areas to focus on when doing the tune-up.

Examine the Coils

The coils are an integral part of your HVAC system and crucial to its function. They are responsible for heat transfer during the heating and cooling cycles. The fluid flowing through the coils transmits heat from the house to the outdoors in the summer, keeping the house cool. 

During the winter, the reverse process happens, whereby the coils draw heat from the outdoors into the home. These functions largely depend on the state of the coils. If you have an air handling unit, you should consider cleaning the hot and cold-water coils regularly.

Inspect the Tubes

Like the coils, the tubes are also pretty crucial to the functionality of the HVAC system. For that reason, it is advisable to have your tubes pulled out at least once a year to check for clogs. Clogs within the system reduce its capacity to transfer air and circulate it in the house.

If you have a plate or flame heat exchanger, you should consider cleaning and replacing the gaskets. Failure to clean the system lowers its efficiency in the winter, and you'll end up with an inefficient unit that works longer hours than usual. 

Check the State of the Fans

Fans push the air around, making them a vital HVAC system component. The fans contain wheels, belts and belt extensions, and bearings. When checking the state of the fans, you should also assess the wheels for dirt accumulation. 

Filthy wheels usually exert pressure on the motor, which in turn reduces the airflow and efficiency of the unit. In addition to cleaning the wheels, you should also lubricate the bearings to protect them from wear and tear.

Change the Filters

Filters determine the quality of the air you breathe. When clogged, they drop the pressure in the system and compromise the output. Therefore, it is crucial to replace them at least once every month. 

Professional HVAC maintenance is better than DIY. That is because the professionals know the parts to focus on during the check-ups in order to improve the system's efficiency and longevity.

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