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Adding Central Air Conditioning To Your Home

If your home does not have a central air conditioning system, this can be an upgrade and a major investment in the home. In addition to making the interior a far more comfortable place for your family, this addition can also substantially improve the value of the home. As you are planning and preparing for an AC installation, there are some steps that can help you avoid common mistakes.

Utilize Zoned Air Conditioning Systems

A zoned air conditioning system can be an option that allows for maximum comfort in the home while also reducing the energy that is needed. This is done by allowing the homeowner the freedom to set specific temperatures for the various areas of the home. As a result, you can avoid wasting energy cooling areas of the house that are not currently occupied without impacting the temperature of the occupied areas of the house.

Place The Interior Vents On The Ceiling

The placement of the vents in the home can be a factor that has a major impact on the performance of the system, but many individuals will often overlook it. However, cooler air will settle lower to the ground, and if you place the vents on the ground, it could result in the room being more difficult to cool. Due to this, you should place these vents along with the ceiling if it is possible. In addition to boosting the performance of the system, that will also minimize the risk of debris falling into the vents and entering the ducting system. While it may not be possible to install these vents on the ceiling in every room, it should be an option that should be utilized wherever possible.

Opt For A High-Efficiency Air Conditioning Systems

The air conditioning system can be one of the most energy-intensive appliances in your home. During the summer months, this could result in your energy bill increasing by a substantial amount. While a central air conditioning system will generally be more efficient than window units, you should still pay close attention to the energy-efficiency rating on potential units. There can be a large difference in the efficiency of air conditioning units. Choosing a unit that has a high-efficiency rating can require a larger investment when buying the unit. However, these systems may have a dramatically lower operating cost during the summer months. The savings that this may be able to provide will likely offset the higher purchase price over the lifetime that you own the system.

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