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Top 3 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Is Operating Loudly

When your air conditioning unit is working optimally, it's supposed to operate relatively quietly. This is beside the humming noise that you hear when your system is turning on and off. Remember that your outdoor unit produces a loud noise when it runs, but it shouldn't have any shrill or strange noises. Given that it may not always be possible to locate the source of your noise, contacting an air conditioning repair technician can help address your concerns. Here are some of the top reasons your AC keeps operating loudly.

1. Your compressor fan motor is faulty

If you notice a loud noise than usual from your outdoor unit, it could be that you have a condenser fan motor that's breaking down. The fans' role is to blow air over your air conditioner condenser coil, which removes heat from your refrigerant. When your motor bearing wears down, your fan will start to screech as it turns. Therefore, if you notice a loud screeching noise as your air conditioner runs, you likely have issues with your condenser fan motor. The best way to address the problem is by seeking the help of an ac repair specialist who'll inspect your unit and replace your fan motor if necessary.

2. You have an obstruction in your ductwork 

When you notice loud noises from your indoor components like your ac vents or ductwork, the chances are that there's an obstruction of your airflow. One reason why this may be happening is because of dust and dander trapped in your ac ductwork. When this happens, it obstructs your ductwork airflow, and you'll note loud noises than usual. The best cause of action in such a case is to seek the help of an air conditioning repair professional to inspect your ductwork and advise whether obstruction is the cause of the noise or other concerns like damage to your air duct.

3. Your AC has loose parts

Your air conditioner has many moving parts, and if you schedule regular maintenance, the chances are that constant vibrations may result in some parts of your unit becoming loose. The noisy operation could be minor issues like loose screws or parts of your air conditioner that aren't connected correctly. While it may be easy to fix loose screws, you should know that AC systems are complex, and a thorough inspection by a professional ac repair professional is necessary.

An AC that operates loudly is annoying, but it can cause expensive repairs on your unit if the root cause of the noise isn't addressed promptly. So, on the first sign of loud operation of your unit, you must seek immediate help from an experienced air conditioning repair technician. 

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