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A Few Things Involved In AC System Maintenance

Maintenance is important for an air conditioning system. If your AC isn't maintained properly, it can cause your power bill to be higher than necessary. Your equipment may even break down. Your AC system is composed of an air handler, condenser, refrigerant lines, drainage system, ducts, and a thermostat. Here's a look at what's involved in AC system maintenance.

Professional Service

Your AC needs annual cleaning and care from an air conditioning maintenance technician. This preventative maintenance and deep cleaning goes beyond what you can do yourself and is likely a condition of your warranty.

Airflow Maintenance

Besides the annual AC system maintenance your equipment needs, you'll need to provide ongoing maintenance all summer by changing the filter and making sure nothing restricts airflow. Proper airflow is essential for your air conditioner to operate. If the filter gets clogged with dust, your AC might shut itself down to keep from burning out the blower motor.

Coil Cleaning

The AC technician checks the refrigerant lines for leaks and also makes sure the coils are clean. Dirty coils keep your AC from cooling down your home since the grime blocks the refrigerant inside. The technician can clean the coils with coil cleaner and a brush so they are free of dust and grime and allow the refrigerant to work optimally.

Blower Maintenance

The blower is a fan inside the air handler. It needs to be cleaned occasionally because dust can build up inside it and keep it from spinning freely. This reduces airflow and strains the blower motor. Besides cleaning the fan, the technician checks the capacitor and motor that keep the fan spinning.

Thermostat Check

The technician may test the thermostat to make sure it's calibrated properly, and they might take the cover off to clear away dust. You'll want to keep track of the batteries and change them before they lose power.

Drain Clearing

When the technician performs AC system maintenance, they will probably check the condensation drain and pan. The drain carries condensation away from your HVAC, but sometimes the drain can clog with algae or insects. The technician may blow out the drain to get rid of any clogs and then treat it with biocide to prevent the growth of algae.

Duct Check

The technician might check the ducts too, or you can check them yourself periodically. Look for holes or gaps in joints and seams that let cool air escape in the attic.

Condenser Cleaning

The condenser might need the most work during the annual service call. This part sits outside undisturbed all winter, so it can become a haven for pests. Leaves, lawn clippings, and dirt can get inside the condenser and affect the parts too.

The technician may clean out the condenser cage, clean and straighten the fins, clean the fan, and check the motor, capacitors, and compressor for worn parts that need to be serviced or replaced. Contact an HVAC company for more information regarding AC system maintenance

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