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Choosing A Gas Furnace As Part Of An Environmentally-Friendly Lifestyle

People who want to have an environmentally-friendly lifestyle may feel torn about the best way to heat their homes. They might worry about choosing fossil fuels like natural gas and liquid propane. Fortunately, these can be environmentally-friendly options when HVAC companies install a top-rated energy-efficient furnace with low emissions.

Problems With Other Options

Those with environmental concerns may like the idea of wood heat because it's renewable, unlike fossil fuels. However, they also understand that wood stoves cause more air pollution than gas-fueled heating systems do. Smoke and particulates are sent into the air through the chimney. Electric heat may be too expensive for the household budget, and not everyone is able to convert the home to solar power.

About Natural Gas and Liquid Propane

Natural gas is extracted from underground deposits through drilling. Utility companies send it through pipelines to their customers. Because extending pipelines into less-populated areas is not cost-effective for utility services, rural homeowners must choose a different form of heat.

Many property owners who do not have access to natural gas choose to heat with liquid propane. Propane is a byproduct of crude oil refining and natural gas processing. It is pressurized and stored in liquid form so the fuel can be delivered by truck for heating purposes.

Reducing Emissions

Both forms of fuel emit a certain amount of pollutants while burning in furnaces. High-efficiency equipment requires less fuel and thus reduces emissions compared with less efficient appliances. Furnaces that emit lower amounts of nitrogen oxides and nitrogen dioxides also are available. Homeowners can ask an HVAC contractor about low NOx furnaces.

Keeping Efficiency High

After the equipment is installed, the owners can continue using effective actions throughout the year to keep efficiency high. Simply changing the filter every month helps because the air flows through more easily. Setting the temperature at 68 degrees or lower while at home and awake saves energy compared with a higher setting. Turning the thermostat down another seven or more degrees when away from home all day, or while sleeping, can save up to 10 percent on energy costs.

Scheduling Annual Maintenance

Scheduling cleaning and maintenance with an HVAC company should be done annually. A dirty furnace is less efficient. Also, the gas burners may need adjusting to return them to optimum efficiency. Skilled technicians perform this service at any time of year, but having the work completed just before the heating season starts is a sensible choice.

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