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An Informative Short Guide To Living With Central HVAC

Living in a home with central HVAC has a lot of advantages your household will appreciate. However, having this type of system does have needs when it comes to things like maintenance and repairs. Also, you need to know when it's best to have a new unit installed. This short guide to central HVAC systems can give you some helpful information on some of the most important things you need to know. 

Maintenance needs

Filter - One of the most important maintenance needs your unit has is with regard to the filter. It needs to be checked monthly to make sure it is still clean. As soon as you see it is looking dirty, put a new one in place. 

Housing - You don't have to give much thought to the outside housing unit. However, if you know weeds tend to sprout up near it, then make sure you stay on top of the weeding. Also, pick up anything else that ends up within a couple of feet of the housing. 

Duct cleaning - If you notice signs you might have issues with dirt or even debris like pest excrement in the ducts, then you should have them cleaned. It is better for the system, your home, and the health of those in the house. 

Routine servicing -  A technician should be coming to your home each year before you begin using the HVAC to clean it, check it, and give it a good bill of health. 

Repair needs 

Leaks - A common type of repair issue is leaks. This can include leaks in the ducts that allow the air to escape, making the home uncomfortable and raising your bills. Another type of leak is a leak that allows the refrigerant to escape causing the air conditioner to blow warmer and also raising your bills. 

Motor issues - Any time something uses a motor, there is the chance of components breaking or wearing to the point of needing to be replaced. Motor issues can cause things like sounds you haven't heard before and will lead to problems with the system, if not right away then soon down the line. 


Age - If you have an older unit that is going to start having issues, then you may want to replace it before you end up needing to deal with those things. 

Problems - If you are finding yourself calling out techs for numerous repairs and those repair bills are adding up, it may be better to have a new unit put in. 

Technology - You may feel your current unit doesn't give you the technological features you want and installing a newer system can offer you those things. 

Reach out to an air conditioning service professional for more information. 

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