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Air Conditioner Installation With Efficient Geothermal HVAC Systems

Geothermal HVAC may be the right solution for your AC installation if you are looking for an all-around energy efficiency improvement for your home. During the summer months, the geothermal systems will improve the efficiency of your AC. They also provide energy for heating and the summer. So, you probably want to know about geothermal solutions for your AC installation project. The following information will help you decide if geothermal AC is the right solution for your home:

  • Geothermal heat pump installation options—If you are planning on installing a geothermal heat pump air condition system, there are options for the installation. The heat pump is going to require a geothermal loop or well. These can be open or closed systems depending on the needs of your HVAC system. An open system is where water is circulated through the geothermal heat pump loop, and a closed system is closed from the system, groundwater, or household plumbing.
  • The AC unit installed with a geothermal system—The AC unit you install with a geothermal system can be different than other types of air conditioning systems. There are some common factors and differences between conventional air conditioning units and the unit that is going to be installed with your geothermal heat pump. The geothermal AC has an added thermal exchange component that reduces the energy that is needed to cool your home.
  • Improved ductwork for geothermal HVAC Efficiency—Another improvement to consider for the AC installation for your home is ductwork. With geothermal HVAC, the ductwork is the same, but you may want rigid ducts with better insulation. These improvements will help reduce energy loss and problems with damage to maximize the efficiency of your new AC installation.
  • The heating solutions for your geothermal HVAC System—The geothermal system is a great solution for heating during the winter months too. The geothermal heat pump can be used in a few different ways to provide heating for your home. It can be used to provide thermal energy to a boiler for radiant heating or combined with a furnace to reduce the energy that a conventional central HVAC system consumes to heat your home.

The installing of a geothermal HVAC system may be the right solution when you need to have a new AC installed. Call an AC service and talk to them about these options for installing a new geothermal AC for your homes cooling and heating needs.

For more information about AC services, contact a local company. 

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