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3 Important Features You Want With Your Next Heating System

Upgrading or replacing your current heating system is the perfect time to invest in other features that can make your system more efficient and keep your home comfortable. There are several features that can help you create the optimal system, no matter how extreme the temperatures become.

Two-Stage Furnace

A two-stage furnace is a better option for heat distribution and efficiency, especially if you live in an area where the colder months can have drastic cold spells. When the weather is cold, but not excessively cold, your furnace should work well on the low setting. During times of excessive cold, such as when the temperature dips below freezing at night, your furnace may operate at the high setting. Another benefit of a two-stage furnace is the temperature is more consistent since your system can operate at lower capacity to keep your home comfortable. This lower setting makes your system more efficient when keeping the temperature consistent and being on for prolonged periods.


Heating your home evenly can be virtually impossible. Typically, the upstairs may be hot while it's still cold downstairs. Additionally, some sides of your home may receive more direct sunlight during the colder months. To minimize uneven heating, zoning is the answer, especially when combined with programmable thermostats. At minimum, you may want to create zones for each level of your home, which can reduce the burden on your system. If you have the resources, you may want additional zones for areas of your home that can overheat quickly, such as the kitchen or bathrooms. Ideally, areas of your home where people spend the most time or have the most differences in temperature preference will have unique zones, especially bedrooms.


A whole-home humidifier is another addition to your next heating system that can make a considerable difference in comfort. If you live in an arid environment, using your heating system during the cooler months can make your skin dry and also lead to dry sinuses and nose bleeds. Even people who live in humid areas may notice significant issues with dryness during prolonged cold spells. Adding a whole-home humidifier can offset the prolonged use of your heating system by adding moisture back into your home. Anyone with respiratory problems, allergies, or sinusitis will find an appropriate amount of moisture in the air can make it easier to breath and they may experience less irritation of their airway.

Just purchasing a new heating system may not be enough to create a comfortable environment during the cooler months. Investing in additional features for your next system can make your energy use more efficient while keeping everyone in your home comfortable. Contact HVAC services near you for more information.

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