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About Boiler Problems & Repairs

Many homeowner use boilers as a method for obtaining hot water and heat from the HVAC system. When a boiler begins to malfunction, it can lead to several problems developing that are stressful for a homeowner to deal with. Some of the typical problems can possibly be repaired without help from a technician, but in most cases, professional assistance is necessary so the problems can be pinpointed and repaired in the proper manner. If your hot water and HVAC system has not been functioning properly, contacting a technician to inspect the boiler is in your best interest. This article explains a few of the problems that your boiler might have and what a technician can do to repair them.

The Thermocouple Needs Attention

There are are numerous parts that must be in good shape in order for a boiler to function without problems. The thermocouple is a part that is very important when it comes to heat production from a boiler. The reason why is because it is needed to create a connection between the gas valve and pilot, such as to ensure that the pilot remains ignited when heat is needed. For example, if you turn on the HVAC system heater, the thermocouple sends a signal for the gas valve to release fuel so the burner can ignite a flame in the pilot orifice. A technician might be able to perform a simple repair on the thermocouple, but replacing it might be the only way to fix your boiler problem.

Water Pressure is Too Low

There must be a sufficient amount of water pressure in your boiler for it to fully function. There is actually a valve on the boiler that gives you the ability to adjust the pressure when it is necessary. If you adjust the valve, it might be the only thing that is needed to bring your boiler back to a functional condition. The pressure might also be broken, which means that you need to get it inspected by a technician in case he or she has to replace it. There might also be a water leak that is responsible for the pressure problem.

Too Many Problems Due to Age

Don't be surprised if you are told that your boiler is unable to be repaired due to it being too old. If a technician determines that the problems are too numerous, he or she might recommend that you purchase a new boiler rather than risking losing money by attempting repairs that might not bring positive results.

For more information, talk to a boiler repair professional.

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