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Get Rid Of Your Standard Electric Water Heater And Purchase A Tankless Model

Are you tired of arguing with your spouse and children over who will take a shower first, due to the limited supply of hot water that your electric water heater provides? If you have had it with cold showers and the need to wait for the water to heat up, trade in your heater for a tankless one. A gas burner or electric element inside of a tankless model immediately heats up cold water upon entry, ensuring hot water is always available.

Choose A Size That Is Suitable For Your Household's Needs

Although tankless models are much smaller than those with a tank, they are still available in several sizes. You need to determine how much hot water is used on a routine basis prior to buying a tankless model so that you purchase one that can support the amount of hot water that is needed.

A basic tabulation, including the length of showers, dishwashing sessions, and baths should be taken. Give these figures to an associate who sells tankless heaters so that they can direct you to a model that will be suitable for your household needs.

Speak To A Certified Technician

An HVAC technician needs to install your new heater. Tankless heaters contain wiring and plumbing attachments that need to be hooked up accurately so that the unit doesn't short out or become damaged during use. Prior to having your tankless model installed, a technician will check the water pressure in your home to ensure that water is flowing at a steady rate from each faucet.

This inspection is necessary, due to the complexity of the inner workings of a tankless heater and the way it integrates with water once it enters the interior chamber. Afterwards, the technician will choose a spot in your home to install the heater in. The installation location may be a utility closet, under a shelf, or along a wall. 

Keep Your Heater In Operable Order

There is not much more for you to do pertaining to your water heater, except keep track of how it operates. Keep the unit clean and dry. If you must wipe the outer part of the unit off to remove a buildup of dust, use a soft cloth to do so. If the tankless heater ever malfunctions, don't try to determine on your own what the issue is. Reach out to a company like R & B Inc Heating & Air Conditioning so that repairs can safely and accurately be made.

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