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Not Sure You Have Room For An AC Unit? What You Can Do

If you have always had a swamp cooler on the roof of your house, then you know that although swamp coolers can do their job, they may not always be able to cool your entire house. Luckily, with an air conditioning unit, you can cool down your entire house-- even on the hottest days of the year-- so that you and your family can live and sleep comfortably. Unlike swamp coolers that are on your roof, however, air conditioners need to be on the ground — but if you aren't sure if you have the room for one in your yard, then this article is for you. Read on to learn a few more tips. 

Clear Out Bushes

Air conditioning units are best when they are installed right against a house; that way you don't have to run any sort of long extensions or wiring. If you have a lot of bushes around your house, then remove some bushes so that there's enough room not only for your new air conditioning unit but so that the fans have enough room to do their job as well. Removing bushes or any other sort of landscaping is a great way to give yourself enough room. 


You want your air conditioner to sit flat on the ground but if you live on a slope, then you may be wondering how on earth you're going to stabilize your air conditioner. Depending on just how big of a slope your house sits on, you may be able to level the ground with some pavers from a local home improvement store. To do this, you want to take some dirt and make it so that it sits level all around and under where your unit is going to go. Once the ground is level, then you can place some pavers over the top so that the air conditioning unit has something level to sit on. 

If you are sick of feeling like your entire house will never be cool enough because you have a swamp cooler then it may be time to get an air conditioner. In addition to getting the space ready for your unit, you can call a professional air conditioning installation company like Dependable Heating & Cooling and ask them to let you know how much clearance you need surrounding your unit. Then, from there, you can make sure that you have everything ready to go before they install it. 

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