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A Frozen Air Conditioner Is Not A Good Thing - How To Prevent This From Happening

It's summer, and to beat the heat you want to be inside where it's nice and cold. Your home shouldn't feel like a freezer, though, as much as you may want it to feel that way. Turning down your air conditioner too low may result in your unit freezing up. If this happens, it can result in a hefty repair bill for you. Read on for tips on how to prevent your unit from freezing and other tips to keep your air conditioner working as it should all season long.

Don't Turn It Down Too Low

It may be tempting to keep turning the thermostat to a lower and lower temperature to cool down your home, but that low temperature may cause your condensing unit to work overtime in order to reach and stay at that temperature. If this happens, your system may eventually freeze up and simply stop working and the temperature in your home will begin to rise, leaving you in the sweltering heat. Never turn the thermostat down below 68oF. Ideally, 72oF is a comfortable enough temperature at which you can set your thermostat. 

Replace The Filter

If your air filter is clogged this may also cause your air conditioner to work overtime. Replace the air filter every other month to prevent this from happening. Toss that old air filter and purchase a new one from your local hardware store or your HVAC supply store. Filters can range in price from a cheaper filter, which is around $5, up to $30. Keep in mind that the cheaper filters may not trap allergens and dust as well as the more expensive filters. No matter which type you use, make sure you replace it before you have a problem with your system.

Clean The Condensing Unit

The condensing unit pulls in outside air to cool your home, but that air may hold a lot of dust, dander, and other allergens that can clog your unit. If the unit is clogged with this debris it will not be able to pull the air properly and could eventually freeze up. Spray down the unit using your garden hose in order to remove debris. Turn the unit off and give it a good cleaning on the outside and the inside as well. When the unit is turned off, it's also a good time to inspect the unit to be sure it is in good shape. Check that the fins are all straight and nothing is bent. Check the pipe insulation to be sure it isn't ripped or damaged in any way (which may cause the unit to freeze up as well). 

A freezing cold house in the middle of summer sounds fabulous, but don't turn the thermostat down too low or you could end up with a premature breakdown of your system and a hefty repair bill. Call a professional air conditioning services technician if you are experiencing problems with your air conditioning system.

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