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Why You Need a Professional Furnace Tune Up

Furnace failure in the dead of winter can leave your family in desperate need of alternative heating and cost you a fortune in furnace repairs. To prevent this vital appliance from giving up when you need it the most, you need to have it maintained well before the heating season. Here is a look at why a professional furnace inspection and tune-up is very important.


Running a gas furnace comes with the risk of a carbon monoxide leak, a colorless, odorless, and deadly gas that is produced from burning fossil fuels. A furnace inspection often includes a thorough look at how much carbon monoxide your furnace is producing. 

Over time, the heat exchanger on your appliance can crack and leak this poisonous gas to the rest of your home. Heating contractors can use infrared cameras and ultraviolet dye to check the integrity of the heat exchanger. Any fissures or other breaches to the integrity of the metal can then be detected and sealed so as to keep toxic fumes out of your home. It is also wise to have a carbon dioxide detector installed near the furnace and in your living room.

A professional furnace tune-up can also boost safety by checking for any leaks on your gas line that could lead to air pollution. The gas pressure in the line may also be inspected and regulated, as too much pressure could cause the appliance to over fire and use more fuel than it needs.

If you have an electrical furnace, the pros will likely inspect and repair any loose/corroded wiring and cover exposed metal alongside insulated wires so as to reduce the risk of electrocution or a short circuit.


An annual furnace tune-up may improve the performance of your appliance in a number of ways.

For starters, your heating contractors can remove dust and soot off the gas tube and gas pressure regulator so as to allow for the flow of sufficient fuel to fire the unit. This can cut fuel inefficiencies significantly and result in better heating.

The air filters in your supply registers may also need to be cleaned so as to boost air flow and prevent the furnace from working too hard to keep your home warm.

Regular furnace maintenance can prevent unexpected breakdowns, lower your heating bills and help ensure your appliance affords you more years of comfort. Talk to a HVAC company near you for more information.

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