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Use These Three Strategies To Keep Warm While Your Furnace Is Being Repaired

A furnace that breaks down during the winter months poses a major inconvenience that can have you and your family shivering in the cold. As soon as you notice any sign that the furnace isn't operating properly, it's crucial to call a local HVAC contractor and schedule a home visit right away. While your contractor will be able to restore the heat, the reality is that if the problem is severe, it could take a period of hours or even days until the contractor has the right parts to complete the job. During this span, you don't need to flee to a warm hotel -- with these three strategies, you'll be able to stay as cozy as possible until the heat is back on.

Close Your Chimney Flue

While it's common sense to keep a lit fire in your fireplace as a method of staying warm, some homeowners who have fireplaces use them merely for decorative purposes. If you aren't able or aren't interested in putting a fire in your fireplace, make sure the chimney flue is closed. Doing so is possible by turning the handle that's often inside the edge of the fireplace. Doing so will prevent the precious heat inside your home from rising up the chimney and escaping into the outdoors.

Hang Out In The Kitchen

Your home's kitchen is a valuable source of heat -- everything from the stove and oven to the toaster and kettle can inject much-needed heat into your living space. There's no need to simply run these appliances aimlessly. Pick some foods that you wish to cook and get busy. The simple act of moving around the kitchen will help you stay warm, while running any of these appliances will also heat the kitchen and beyond. When you're done cooking, it's a good practice to open up the door of the toaster oven or conventional oven to encourage the heat to flow into your room -- just be careful about this step if you have young children in the house.

Stay Away From Bare Floors

Bare floors, whether they're tile or laminate, can quickly cool down your feet and, in turn, make your entire body cool. Try to spend some time in the rooms that are carpeted because they'll feel more cozy even if the temperature isn't overly warm. If you need to spend time in a room without carpet, consider putting down an area rug or even a thick blanket to avoid your feet getting chilled.

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