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Easy And Affordable Fixes For Some Of Your Air Conditioning System Problems

When your air conditioning system is not running up to par, you may wonder how much its repair is going to cost. Before you call your AC repair technician, checking a few parts of your system is a good idea for helping you save money. Follow these tips for fixing some simple AC problems.

When Your AC Isn't Cooling As Much As Normal

If you keep turning down your thermostat because you feel hot, your system may have an issue causing it not to cool as well as it should. One of the reasons your system may not be cooling normally is it is struggling to do so. The outside unit of your system is vital for its successful and coolest operation. Check your outside unit for weeds and grass growing into the condenser. Grass can become thick and cause the condenser to struggle, thus causing your system to work harder to maintain a cool temperature. Other factors to consider about your outdoor HVAC unit are:

  • Is your outdoor HVAC unit in the shade? If not, it could be working harder than it has to. Providing shade over your unit can help a lot in maintaining cooler temperatures indoors. Create a tent using a tarp over your unit if you do not have shade trees or parts of your house shading the area your unit is in.
  • Most homeowners are aware that changing the filters in their AC is an important part of its maintenance. However, if you have pets in your home, you should check your filter more often because of the quicker buildup of pet hair clogging it up.
  • Replacing the insulation around your outside unit's refrigerant tube can help restore its normal cooling capabilities. You can buy tube insulators at any home improvement store. Replacement is easy and fast, but can make a huge difference in how hard your system has to work to maintain a cool indoor temperature.

A Cleaner HVAC Unit Cools Better

Your AC system depends on its condenser, fan and evaporator unit for producing cool air. If these parts of your system are not cleaned on a regular basis, they can become stagnant with dirt and grime. If you are not sure where or what these parts are, calling someone with professional experience for cleaning them is a good idea. You might consider including this cleaning as a part of your regular HVAC maintenance in the future.

When the outdoor temperature is hot, you and your family can enjoy cooler temperatures inside when you take the time to ensure a properly running HVAC system. Some aspects of AC maintenance are easy and only cost you the time to do them. For more tips, contact an AC repair company like Flower Branch AC Repair Services.

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