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Basic Upkeep You Can Do To Prevent An AC Emergency

One of the most uncomfortable home repair emergencies happens when the air conditioning unit goes on the fritz, especially if it happens in the middle of the summer. Most air conditioning units are designed to last about a decade, but when they go, it can be unbearable. Luckily, 24 hour air conditioning unit repair is one of your options to ensure that your family doesn't have to suffer through miserable days and nights in the dead of summer without your AC unit. However, as is the case with most home appliances, general upkeep can prevent emergencies and can protect the appliance so that it can perform for years.

A professional should inspect AC units at the beginning of the summer season to ensure everything is in proper working order. These professionals can spot problems before they completely ruin the unit and can also provide regular maintenance work due to routine use. Taking the time to have a professional inspect the AC unit when it is convenient may spare you the trouble of having to call a professional to repair the unit when it is less convenient.

Most air conditioning units are outside the home, usually near the ground. This makes the units susceptible to blockage caused by overgrown bushes or flowerbeds, grass trimmings, and other outdoor debris blocking the vents and fans of the unit. Keeping the AC unit free of debris is an easy thing that anyone can do to help keep their AC unit in good shape. During the fall and winter months, cover the unit to protect it from the elements and to preserve the inner working units. This small preventative action may prevent emergencies in the summer months.

If an air conditioner fails, don't assume that the unit itself is the problem right away. Sometimes blown fuses or faulty circuits are the culprits when an AC unit is acting up. Check these before calling a professional HVAC specialist, as this is an electrical problem, not necessarily a problem with the unit.

Even with preventative actions and repairs, an air conditioner will give out at some point. Air conditioning units are not easy appliances to repair alone, so calling a professional HVAC specialist is usually the safest course of action. Many HVAC companies, such as Elite Heating, Cooling and Plumbing, offer 24-hour air conditioning repair, so don't hesitate to call one if you and your family are in discomfort due to a broken air conditioner.

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