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3 Signs You Need A New Furnace

Winter is coming. If you live in an area that sees frigid winter temperatures, your furnace is a crucial component of your home. As temperatures drop and you start to use your furnace, observe its operation to make sure it's running properly. That's especially true if your furnace is older. No furnace runs forever, so you'll likely have to get a replacement at some point. By identifying warning signs early, you can replace your furnace before it gets too cold. Or you may be able to have the furnace repaired so it can make it through one final winter.

Below are a few signs that your furnace may be on its last legs. If any of these sound familiar, you may want to call a local heating and air conditioning service company like Lakeside Heating & A/C Inc. They can inspect your furnace and recommend either replacement or repair.

Your heating bill increases significantly. Check your utility bill after your first month of using the furnace. Has it increased over the previous year? If this year is much colder than the previous year, that could be the explanation. If not, though, your furnace may be running less efficiently than it did in the past. You also may want to check the filter to make sure it's clean and possibly even have the ducts and vents professionally cleaned. If those components are all clean, though, it's possible that your furnace needs more energy than it used to in order to properly heat your home.

Your home never stays warm. Does it feel like your home never reaches your desired temperature? Or do certain rooms only get warm while others remain cold? Your furnace may be struggling to generate the heat necessary for your home. Again, check the air filter. You also may want to have your ducts examined for possible leaks. In the absence of a dirty filter or duct leaks, though, the problem is likely in your furnace.

The furnace is noisy or has an odor. Many people rarely go near their furnace because it's located in the basement or an attic. However, during the first few weeks of winter, you may want to monitor your furnace firsthand from time-to-time. Be on the lookout for banging or rattling noises, as those could indicate issues with the blower or other components. Also, check for a lingering odors, especially a musty smell. Those odors are normal when you first turn on the furnace, but they shouldn't be present after running the furnace for a few weeks. 

Ready to get your furnace working properly? Or schedule a replacement? Contact a heating and air conditioning specialist in your area today for an inspection or tuneup.

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