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Why Is Your Added Bonus Room Warmer Than The Rest Of Your Home?

An added room is supposed to feel like a real estate victory. Unfortunately, if the room is unbearably hot when other rooms are being cooled properly by your home's cooling system, the room can feel like a loss. If your bonus room is not cooling in the same manner as other rooms, here are some reasons why. 

The Room Is on the Second Floor

Even though the heat in your home might seem like it is sitting in the air, it is actually rising. As the heat rises, it tends to settle in the upper parts of your home. If your bonus room is on the second floor, it is basically trapped between the insulated attic and the first floor.  

At the same time, your cooling system is forced to work harder to cool the second floor, which now has an additional room. Depending on how well the ductwork was completed for the bonus room, it could be left getting far less air than the other rooms in your home.  

To correct this issue, your ductwork might need to be redesigned. Your HVAC technician might also recommend that the air conditioner unit is upgraded.  

The Ceiling Is Vaulted With Recessed Lighting

A vaulted ceiling with recessed lighting is a popular feature with homeowners, but in your bonus room, it can present a cooling nightmare. If you opt for recessed can lights, the insulation has to be moved to make way for the casing. Unfortunately, when this happens, your room loses some of the insulation that is needed to maximize the coolness from the cooling system.  

In addition to this, the lights can even make the room seem hotter when they are on. As the temperature in the room increases, you might find yourself turning the thermostat to a lower temperature. The result is a higher energy bill and freezing the other rooms.  

One way to deal with the issue is to focus on improving the insulation in the room. One way to do this is to focus on beefing up the insulation inside the attic. You should also consider replacing your canned lights with air tight insulated lights. You can still have the canned lights, but limit the flow of air through the ceiling.  

Your HVAC technician can help you pinpoint other reasons that could be causing your bonus room to be hotter than expected. Resolving the problem is important to saving on your energy costs and being comfortable while being in the room. 

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