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Tips To Stay Warm While Waiting For Heater Repair Person

Winter is finally here, and it seems like the weather is getting colder every day. Hopefully, your heater will continue to work all winter long, but if it doesn't, it helps to know what you can do to stay warm while waiting for heating system repairs. These tips will help you keep your house and your body at a comfortable temperature while waiting for help from the repair person.

Close Off Empty Rooms

The less space you have to keep warm while waiting for repairs, the better. Close off any extra rooms of your house including guest bedrooms, second and third bathrooms and the dining room. Keep all the members of your family in a confined space. Body heat from each person will help warm up the smaller space and keep it more comfortable.

Keep The Curtains Closed

Windows can be among the most energy-inefficient areas of the house. Keeping the curtains closed will prevent cold air outside the house from passing to the inside of the house.

Bake Something 

You may have noticed that your oven can make the whole house warm during the summer. Using the oven in the winter isn't quite as effective, but it can help keep the kitchen and adjacent rooms a few degrees warmer. The more you bake, the more benefit you'll get, so take this time to make your holiday cookies or to prepare several casseroles for dinner during the week.

Sleep In A Small Room With Other People

Hopefully, your repair person will make it to your home on the same day that the heat breaks, but if you live somewhere remote, you could find yourself waiting overnight while the repair person comes to your service area. If you have to stay overnight in a cold house, pick a small room to sleep in. Close off that room from the rest of the house, and if possible, gather your other family members to sleep in that same room. Your body heat will help keep small space warm.

Seal Drafty Doors With Towels

Drafty exterior doors can let in a lot of cold air. Roll up extra towels and put them under the gap of each outer door to prevent cold air from seeping in.

Turn On The Lights

Incandescent lights emit a lot of heat. To take advantage of this, turn on all the lights in the house until it's time to go to bed. Do this even if you have no need for the lights to be on.

Good luck! While your repair person will come to your home as quickly as possible, following these tips will help you stay comfortable while you wait for heating system repairs.

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